What happens if my order gets lost in the mail system?

If you have a lost order or shipped to the wrong address please contact me asap! Unfortunately lost orders occur and are out of my control, you will have to repurchase, but let me know and I'll offer a discount or freebie for the matter. Please double or triple check your address to make sure it is delivered accordingly. 

Can I return or get a refund on my order?

  • Refunds: We can gladly refund you if you placed the wrong order or order cancel your order. Fill out a contact form and ill get back to you and process your refunds. Refunds cannot be made after order has been shipped or received.
  • Returns: No, returns cannot be made. We do however work out returns if Jessartlet sends out a wrong order, which may happen and I'll take full responsibility on sending the correct order to you.

Are stickers waterproof?

Yes! We have tested our stickers for 48 hours underwater and there has been no bleeding or distortion of the sticker. Although stickers are produced at home, they are printed on high quality weatherproof paper and laminated to ensure it is waterproof.

Can this item be made into a T-shirt/ larger size?

No. Unfortunately, the items listed in my shop are what I have available. As a single person small business owner I cannot afford to accommodate and create custom orders. Ill gladly consider this as a future product as my shop continues to grow, but in the meantime what is listed is available.

Can I purchase a digital version of this design?

No. Regardless of interest being for personal reasons, I cherish my work and cannot hand out my art digitally, risking it being used for other reasons. All my art is for personal use only, commercial use is prohibited.

Are you open to wholesale?

Yes! If you are a business wanting to have my products in your shop, please use my contact page to get a hold of me and ill reach out to you! We will then work out a price and contract.